Frequenty Asked Questions

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General Questions
What does Abstract Creative do?

This includes advertising, branding, website design and other digital services, as well as design for print. Ultimately, we help to build brand value and make each business stronger and more profitable.

We take great pride in delivering an excellent level of service at all times. We listen carefully to what our clients want to achieve and work closely with them to make sure their objectives are met.

Our clients tell us they like our style and approach: clear lines of communication, a single point of contact and work of a consistently high standard – all delivered under the watchful eye of Megan, our Creative Director. What’s more, we offer excellent value for your money and have a portfolio to be proud of.

How much will this cost?

We understand, money doesn't grow on trees, so knowing what this will cost is crucial in determining who you choose as your design agency.

Great design is an investment, it is something that takes dedication and time and because all projects are different from each other, there is not a standard set price for our work. We create custom, value-based proposals for all projects because every client is unique and has different needs. We often ask our clients what their budget is to determine what we can offer for services that will fit within this budget.

At the end of the day, it is so important for us to see our clients grow and to see their ROI come back tenfold as their business takes off. We like to provide a range for our pricing as projects differ from each other and what is needed. We are not a "$5 logo" kind of studio. We do not believe that the budget logo will benefit your business in anyway and can often hurt your image.

Our pricing is based on the time we invest into your company. Our projects start with days in research and strategy. We then collaborate with you on a custom Pinterest board and create mood boards to set the tone. From that point, we spend weeks in design mode, creating custom concepts and brand applications for you to review. Our websites also receive tons of love and attention as we create custom sites in Adobe XD that are then built in Squarespace or Shopify and are accompanied with a video tutorial we create for you to learn how to edit your new site. So as you can see, we invest our time into your business as if it is our own because nothing is more powerful to us than having our clients share with their family and friends, just how much they enjoyed working with us and how their business has grown since we worked with them.

As a ballpark reference, our pricing is as follows:
Branding Packages - We offer a few options for packages with our branding to provide you with what you need for your business. Our branding will cost you around $2000-$6500 for a custom package. Our pricing is also based on the size of your business. We do not charge small start-ups the same as a large established business due to the fact that their needs are very different from each other.

Package Design - Our package design is based on an hourly basis as most all clients have different needs. Our hourly rate is $100/hr and in in general, most of our package design work takes around 5-25 hours depending on the complexity of the design work.

Website Design - We design and develop informational based websites, portfolio based sites and online shops. We have a team of talented developers who can customize any site to your needs. Just like our other services, there is a range for our websites as some of our clients require a more complex and custom website. We have a copywriter and photographers to help you develop your content as well. Their pricing would depend on what is needed from them. A general ballpark for a custom website design and build is around $2500-$10,000+ and would depend on what your business requires for functionality, integrations, sales etc.

Discounts - We do offer a discount when you select multiple packages! We do offer other services such as social media design, SEO, product designs, copywriting, photography and more. These would require a custom proposal.

How long will this take?

We can tell you one thing, you can’t get your logo next week, we’re sorry but that is not how we roll. We spend a significant amount of time getting to know you and your business. We spend time in research and strategy, in design mode, rounds of feedback and edits, finalizing packages with brand manuals and launching websites, so it all adds up and takes our upmost attention. On average, our projects take around 4-6 weeks yet for larger projects, it can take 2-3 months to complete.

It is crucial that our clients be ready to rock n’ roll when a project kicks off, that means we ask that our clients not sign a contract with us to begin work if they are planning some major life changes as that can hinder the process and workflow. If you are going on vacation (take us with you!), having a baby soon (congrats if you are!) or planning on moving (we hope it is some place warm!), we ask that you wait until we can have your undivided attention for your project.

What should I do to get ready?

Well first and foremost, it’s time to celebrate! Not everyone takes branding and web design seriously and often look beyond its importance to find the best deal around. We want you to know you have made a wonderful choice and we want to welcome you to the family. Now, let’s look at what you may need to line up for your upcoming projects with us:

Website - You can gather your content for your project. This means if you have copy already developed, you can set up a Google Doc to share with us. If you need assistance with copywriting, this is a great time to let us know so that we can set that up for you. We will also need your imagery. We prefer you share these by folder so it is easier for us to sort through and share via Google Drive. Website imagery should be around 2600 px wide, any smaller and it will be blurry on larger screens.

If your site is going to be an online shop, it is a great time to square away info such as product pricing, taxes, shipping, weight and dimensions to have ready to go when we request that info. This is also a great time to purchase a domain if you do not have one, set up business email accounts and signup for Stripe and Paypal for your checkout portion of your website. Squarespace and Shopify have built in SSL certificates so you do not need to set this up with your bank.

Branding - We will start with a Pinterest board that we will collaborate on with you so if you wish to start compiling designs you love and hate, that will help us in these beginning stages. With any project, it is important that you understand your target audience. If you are uncertain as to who that is, this is a great time to figure out those things.

Packaging - For package design, we need a dieline to apply our products to. If you have an existing print company you work with, this would be a great time to request dielines, print specifications and other important info we should know about. If you do not have a print company in mind yet, please let us know so that we can put you in touch with ones we recommen

How do payments work?

For all of our projects, we require a 50% retainer due at the beginning of a project. If your project is under $500, your invoice will need to be paid in full before we start. From the initial retainer, we then set up a payment schedule as elements of your package are completed. At the end of the project, once the scope of work is complete, we will send your final invoice and then you will receive your deliverables and your website can go live.

If you wish to set up a payment plan, we can accomodate and setup automatic monthly withdrawals. Your project will be broken down into 4 payments with the last payment due before you receive your deliverables or your website goes live.

Do you travel for projects?

Of course we do! We love to see your business in person and for our spatial design projects, it is important for us to come to your location for us to work on interior styling, exterior design, mural design and signage. Though it is not mandatory that we see your location before we start designing, we do create our murals in person and our travel time would be factored into your proposa

Do you work with clients around the world or solely in the US?

That is the great thing about technology and things like Zoom Video calls, we can work with any client in any timezone! We have clients in Paris, London, Dubai, Exumas and all over the US. We try our best to work indifferent timezones so do not worry about that! We create websites that feature multiple languages and currencies as well in addition to creating design in multiple languages for your target audiences.