Brand Guidelines

Once you've created a great brand, you'll want to keep it that way. Brand guidelines may not sound as exciting as a logo design, but they tie together, cohesively all of your organization's elements.

Brand guidelines are an excellent way of outlining how your brand should be applied and are a crucial part of any successful organization. To tell the story of a brand and maintain its feel, you need to ensure it is always portrayed consistently and accurately. Guidelines guarantee that everyone associated with an organization knows how the brand should be communicated.

The extent of brand guidelines can differ. Typically, they cover how to use your logo, color palette, typefaces (for print and online), photography, and any graphic devices. Guidelines will set clear regulations so that your brand can easily be understood by designers, employees and marketers.

As a branding agency, we have extensive experience creating guidelines that ensure your brand is communicated consistently and effectively. We take into account the vision for your brand and the ethos of your organization to create guidelines that stand the test of time.

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