Logo Design

Few would argue that the logo is the single most important part of an organization's brand identity. Indeed, many people mistakenly believe that creating a logo is to establish a brand. Not so. However, in building brand awareness, it has a crucial role to play.

Graphic designers will readily admit that the creative challenge of distilling the ethos and values of a brand to a single visual point of reference is demanding and rewarding in equal measure. Frequently, the logo is the first thing that identifies a brand and the organization behind it. If the result is a seemingly simple mark or graphic icon, then it conceals a process that is altogether more complex, the success of which hinges on the designer's experience and creativity. There's no hiding place where logo design is concerned.

Our team is skilled in creating logos that not only look great but also provide an essential focal point in the wider context of an organization's brand. Whether the brief demands something bold, graphic, and impactful or a more understated typographic approach, we will ensure your new logo is unique and appropriate to your market. To see some examples of the logos we've created, view our portfolio.

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